The Dream Team That Is Boygenius

If you're seeing this album cover for the first time, run, don't walk, to hear the collective magic of Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus. Separately, they have each carved themselves a very well respected niche in the indie folk / rock scene. Julien Baker's first album, Sprained Ankle (2015), drew a huge fan base with its beautiful intensity and lyrical complexity, produced by little more than Baker and her Telecaster. Her latest album, Turn Out the Lights, has received similar praise. Phoebe Bridgers made her splash with Stranger in the Alps in 2017. Bridgers' songs are candid yet profound, rich with harmony, and smooth, billowing instrumentals. If the line "I've got emotional motion sickness / somebody roll the windows down" (from hit song "Motion Sickness") doesn't resonate with you, I'm not quite sure what will. As of 2018, Lucy Dacus has put out two impressive albums; No Burden (2016) and Historian (2018). Dacus combines deep introspection with an (at times) dark rock sound, making for a highly cathartic listening experience.

Together, Baker, Bridgers, and Dacus have pooled their unique skillsets into three singles released by Matador Records at the end of August, under the name "Boygenius." Their vocals flow seamlessly together, in a way that makes the trio seem as if they were destined to join forces from the start. "Me & My Dog" is the ultimate showcase of Baker's subtle intensity, Bridgers' candidness, and Dacus's introspection. The chorus hits you like a swell of heightened emotion, as the three belt in unison; "I wanna be emaciated // I wanna hear one song without thinking of you // I wish I was on a spaceship // Just me and my dog and an impossible view."

Boygenius will begin their tour on November 4th, stopping at the Pageant in St. Louis MO on November 15th. Perfect timing, my St. Louisans, considering their self titled EP is set to drop on November 9th. Exciting things are in store for this supergroup, and I strongly encourage you to join them (in concert and/ or via your favorite streaming service) as they embark on this journey of a lifetime.

To read more about Boygenius / read the transcript of a heartwarming conference call amongst Baker, Bridgers, and Dacus, check out Pitchfork's latest piece:

In the meantime, here's Phoebe Bridgers on NPR tiny desk. One of my all time favorites. Enjoy x


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