Shakey Graves is coming to town!

On September 30th, Alejandro Rose-Garcia (better known as Shakey Graves) will grace St. Louis with his presence on The Pageant stage. Shakey's music is a dynamic mashup of blues, folk, and rock, with his latest album Can't Wake Up leaning in an indie rock direction. I became a Shakey fan the moment I discovered And The War Came. This album will take you on an emotional journey from sleepy, nostalgic tunes like "Hard Wired," to the bluesy head banger that is "The Perfect Parts." Shakey's first session on Audiotree is also well worth your time. It's the ultimate showcase of his original one man show, featuring the hallmark suitcase kickdrum.

I was fortunate enough to see Shakey Graves in Dallas over the summer, and let me just tell you that witnessing his wild finger picking and melodious wailing live is electrifying. Although I respect any artist who's bold enough to alter their sonic direction, it's Shakey's classics that keep me coming back to my Shakey Graves playlist on Spotify each week. And luckily he does not disappoint in concert, shifting from his full band to the notable one man show about halfway through his set. Don't miss this show folks!


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