Artist Watch: Morgan Bosman

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

You may not know her yet, but soon enough you will. Meet Morgan Bosman: soul artist and songwriter, mental health advocate and activist, and St. Louis native. Morgan’s infectious positivity and passion radiates throughout her music - particularly in her live set, which I was fortunate to see at a Sofar Sounds St. Louis show in early November.

Morgan Bosman at Sofar Sounds St. Louis - Carrie Phillips

After her set, Bosman and I spoke about inspiration, mental health, and current projects in the works. Currently stationed in Nashville, Bosman is the driving force behind the organization aartandssoul, which promotes healing through visual arts, music, dance, and beyond. One of their most recent projects involved a “restore board,” where participants assigned personal fears to different colors of tissue paper, then pinned them up for all to see. The end result was a beautiful, collective piece of art that demonstrated “you are not alone.” This mission flows into Bosman’s music: “That’s part of when I write music, that’s important to me, to let people know there are safe spaces to go to.”

“‘Find My Own Peace’ is definitely about that,” Bosman continued, “you know, running to that peaceful place.” And sometimes that safe space is within ourselves. One of my favorite lines from the song: “I don’t need you to try to be my savior / I’ve got my own peace / My soul’s already anchored.” Between her projects with aartandssoul and her introspective lyricism, Bosman simultaneously promotes self reflection and collective support - both of which are especially salient in the creative community. Bosman reflected, “We’re so used to being on all the time, we’re working and we enjoy what we do … but also that strong person you see on stage and on Instagram, they could be hurting.” In light of having just watched the documentary Amy, which depicts the unparalleled talent and tragic, rapid decline of artist Amy Winehouse, this comment carried a particular sense of weight and urgency. There’s a very real stigma around mental health that often prevents us from reaching out to help ourselves, and checking in with others. I believe that we all benefit from artists like Bosman who are combatting this stigma through open and honest conversations.

Another one of Bosman’s accomplishments is the recent release of a music video for hit song “Haunt.” I couldn’t help but get up and dance to this song during her Sofar Sounds set. The chorus is punctuated by one of the grooviest, most catchy guitar lines I’ve ever heard. (Like truly, good luck getting it out of your head). “Haunt” is certainly more lighthearted than the rest of Bosman’s collection, but it serves to showcase the impressive range of her songwriting and musical capabilities.

When asked what’s coming up next, Bosman revealed, “You’ll see some cool stuff. Some visuals, definitely some more singles, definitely a full project in the works … but, you know, with great things take time.” So have patience, but don’t lose sight of this brilliant, talented young mind. Give her music a listen (on Spotify, iTunes, etc etc) and stay tuned for new releases in 2019.

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