Artist spotlight: Liz Cooper & the Stampede

I came across Liz Cooper & the Stampede whilst going through the (soon to be doomed) lineup of Loufest 2018. I entered their name into the Spotify search bar, clicked on about, and read the coolest genre description I've ever seen: dream-folk psychedelic rock. Before I even pressed play, I knew Liz Cooper and I would get along just fine.

"Mountain Man" and "Kaleidoscope Eyes" became instant favorites. Cooper's voice is smooth and soulful, lush with jazz and country undertones (an unusual pairing that somehow works quite well). Cooper is also the lead guitarist, and steers each song with her bold, catchy riffs and rockin' solos.

In their Audiotree session, Cooper confesses she had trouble writing for their latest album Window Flowers, but found new inspiration after going home for a month or so in the wintertime. From this meditative period came the beautiful lines "You have kaleidoscope eyes / Reflecting shades of tangerine / Is this a dream or am I / Just looking through the cracks of my mind?" Between her powerful vocals, stellar musicianship, and artful lyricism, Liz Cooper is a force to be reckoned with. You can catch Liz Cooper & the Stampede at the Ready Room in St. Louis on November 27th.


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